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perspective Article - Semen Analysis - A Numbers Game (3359)
N Pandiyan

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Pandiyan N

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Original Article - Is Weight Gain the Precipitating Factor for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome? A Hypothesis Based on a Retrospective Study (3188)
Puvithra T, Pandiyan N

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Kelly Shepherd & Peter Eastwood

Case Report - Management of Persistent Non Nutritive Sucking Habit (3164)
Daya Srinivasan, A R Senthil Aegappan, C Joe Louis

Case Report - McInnes solution - The Forgotten Entity for Fluorosis Stains (3160)
Sadasiva Kadandale, Sriram K, Vijikarthikai Balan I

Case Report - McInnes solution - The Forgotten Entity for Fluorosis Stains (3160)
Sadasiva Kadandale, Sriram K, Vijikarthikai Balan I

Neuro Special Articles - Perioperative Management of Intracranial Aneurysms (3143)
Gopalakrishnan Raman, Mohanarangam T

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R Shyamala

Review Article - Calcium Hydroxide in Dentistry (3080)
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Perspective Article - Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is an Epiphenomenon - An Opinion (3071)
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Poovazhagi Varadarajan

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Case Report - The Role of Buccal Fat Pad in the Surgical Management of Oral Submucous Fibrosis (3026)
M Alagappan, S Vijay Parthiban, R Sathish Muthukumar

Dialogue with the Stalwart - Interview with Dr. B. M. Hegde (3024)
Aruna Shanmuganathan, Meenakshi N

Review Articles - Pathophysiology & Management of Type 2 Diabetes: Past, Present and the Future (3024)
Muthu Kumaran Jayapal, Bharath R

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Sudha S, Arumugam C, Rajaram P, Sanjay Theodore, Sivakumar R, Ponnuswamy TM, Alex Daniel Prabhu

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Original Article - Normal and Abnormal Oocytes Observed During Assist (3020)
P Savitha, D Ramesh Raja, Radha Pandiyan

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Pushkar Pazhani, Rathinasamy M, Srinivasan Kitchanan, Giridhar Sethu, Satish Datla

Case Report : T - Cell Lymphoma Arising From Gluteal Muscle –A Rare Presentation (3013)
Senthil Kumar K, Anantharamakrishnan R, Karunanithi R

Case Report - Endodontic Management of a Mandibular Second Premolar with Two Roots and Three Canals (3013)
Sai Shamini, Padmini Govindasamy, Vidya KM

Case Report - Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (Bochdalek Hernia) in an Adult (3012)
Dr R Anantharamakrishnan, Dr K Senthil Kumar, Dr R Karunanithi

Review Articles - Eye Manifestations of Diabetes Mellitus (3008)
Manoj Vasudevan M S

Review Article - Drug Interaction – Cardiovascular Drugs (3003)
A Ruckmani

Thank You, reviewers! (3001)
Thank You, reviewers!

Review Articles - Anaesthetic Considerations in an Obese Patient with Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (3001)
Balachandran S, Hari Prasad NVG, Anand K

Original Article - Impact of Dental Caries and Dental Fluorosis on the Quality of Life of 12- year old Children in Tamil Nadu, India. (3000)
Prabhu S, Joseph John, Saravanan S

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A M Raja, Siddharam, S Janti, Adnan Matheen, C Charanya

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Jaishree Vasudevan, R Karthik Surya, S Thayumanavan

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Meena Priya B, ShivaKumar V, Anitha V, Shanmugam M

Review Article - Fluid Therapy in Sepsis (2997)
Riddhi Kundu, Dalim Kumar Baidya, Rajkumar Subramanian

Case Report - Pseudocholinesterase Deficiency Causing Delayed Recovery Following Caesarean Section in a Patient with Antithrombin Ill Deficiency (2996)
Sivanesan S, Lailu Mathews, Kavitha Ranjitpaul D, Thilaka Muthiah

Review Article - Evolution of Stapes Surgery (2995)
Karthikeyan P, Davis Thomas Pulimoottil

Case Report - Anaesthetic Management of Excision of Carotid Body Tumor (2994)
Mohamed Arif S A, Lailu Mathews, Anand S

Neuro Special Articles - Endovascular Treatment of Intracranial Aneurysms (2993)
Srinivasan Paramasivam

Case Report - Warty But Not Warts (2991)
Riswana Jasmine M, Preethi K, Meenakshi Mohanram, Srinivasan M S

Original Article - Leucocytospermia –does it mean anything? (2990)
Ranjani S, Pandiyan N

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Shiva Krishna G, Pandiyan N

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Senthil Kumar K, Anantharamakrishnan R

Original Article - Oral Health in Correctional Facilities: A Study on Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Prisoners in Central India (2982)
Ram Tiwari, Jayachandra Megalamanegowdru, Rohit Agrawal, Anjali Gupta, Abhinav Parakh, Mayank Chandrakar

Original Article - Study of Seroprevalence of Hepatitis B Virus In Routine Medico Legal Autopsiesi (2977)
Ramalingam S, Narendar R

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Avinash E, Divya Joseph, Lailu Mathews

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M Devi, D Vijayalakshmi, C Sreeja, K Ramakrishnan, S Shabana l Aesha

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Original Article - Impact of Radiation Emitted by Mobile Phone During Call Mode on the Ejaculated Semen (2966)
Asha Benziger, Ramesh Raja D, Pandiyan N

Review Article - A Stitch in Time Saves Nine (2965)
Meena Priya B, Anitha V, Shanmugam M

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Vinod Felix, Ammu Sreeparvathi, Narendrakumar V, Dhanya Vijayan

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G Kavitha, N Pandiyan, Radha Pandiyan, G M M Reddy

Thank You reviewers! (2962)
Thank You reviewers

Review Article - Current Trends in the Pharmacotherapy of Vertigo (2961)
Saradha S, Ruckmani A, Arunkumar R

Dialogue with the Stalwart - Interview with Dr.R.Venkataswami (2960)
Senthil Kumar K

Letters to the Editor- (2958)
Letters to the Editor

Class Room - Study Design - A Pragmatic approach (2956)
R C Jagat Reddy, C Seethalakshmi, P Rajesh

Case Report - Unexplained Hypotension Under General Anaesthesia (2955)
Mohanarangam T, Gopalakrishnan Raman, Sudharshan Balaji S G

Review Article - Oral Health Management of Geriatric Patients with Systemic Disorders (2951)
Murali Karthik, Nagappan N, Prasanna Karthik , Gajapathi B, Shiva Kumar V

Abstracts from the Chettinad National Fertility Colloquium September 2013 (2950)
Abstracts from the Chettinad National Fertility Colloquium September 2013

Case Report - Seizure Disorders in Pregnancy (2948)
Srinija P, Anoop Sreevalsan, Abubacker S, Swarnapriya K, Somasundaram, Vasantha N.Subbiah Subbiah V K

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Christeffi Mabel R, Jagat Reddy RC

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Kanchana Devi B, Bharath R, Gayathri Devi S S, Pandiyan N

Original Article - Clinical Profile of Young Women with CAD (2946)
Chokkalingam M, Avinash Jayachandran, Pradeep G Nayar, Arumugam C, Ganesh N

From the Pages of History - Laugh Your Way to Painlessness (2943)
Dr Lailu Mathews, Dr Thilaka Muthiah

Case Report - A Rare Combination of Stomatocytosis with Abnormal Blood Lipids and Gilbert's Syndrome (2943)
Vigneshwaran J, Malligai E, Rajasekaran D, Mohammed Noor

Thank You Reviewers (2941)
Thank You Reviewers

Review Articles - Tackling Antimicrobial Resistance in Tertiary Hospital, Antimicrobial Stewardship Programme (ASP) (2941)
Rajasekaran D

Class Room - What is Anti - VEGF? (2941)
Shankar C

Class Room - Recurrent Pregnancy Loss - Obstetric Anti - Phospholipid Syndrome (2939)
Rajeswari S, Vignesh M

Review Article - Nutraceuticals in Sperm Abnormalities (2939)
S Ranjani, Asha Benziger, N  Pandiyan

From the Pages of History - Harvey Cushing (1869 – 1939) (2938)
V G Ramesh

Case Report - Aniridia with Sydney Crease (2936)
Srinivasan, Thayumanavan, Padmapriya

Case Report - Posterior Reversible Encephalopathy Syndrome (2935)
Srinija P, Abu Backer Sulaiman, Anoop Sreevalsan, Somasundaram, Vasantha N Subbiah

Commentary - Pain relief in Neonates: No Doubt it’s a Duty (2935)
Dalim Kumar Baidya, Souvik Maitra, Thilaka Muthiah

Review Article - Cerebrospinal Fluid Dynamics Study: Applications in Clinical Practice (2934)
V G Ramesh

Case Report - Dumb Bell Skull Base Meningioma (2934)
KV Karthikeyan, V G Ramesh

Case Report - An Interesting Case of Postprandial Epigastric Pain and Fullness (2934)
Alexander Paul, Babu Kumar, Ramathilakam

Case Report - Dumb Bell Skull Base Meningioma (2934)
KV Karthikeyan, V G Ramesh

Case Report - Dumb Bell Skull Base Meningioma (2934)
KV Karthikeyan, V G Ramesh

Case Report - Sickle Beta+ Thalassemia (2933)
Jegan Niwas K, Ramcharan Reddy, Udayashankar D, Durga Krishnan, Rajasekaran D

Case Report - An Unusual Cause of Hemifacial Spasm (2932)
Rahul Nimmakayala, Natarajan V, Subramaniyan K, Devprasad

From the pages of History History of Cardiac Anesthesiology (2930)
Ramachandran T R, Ranjan V R

From the Pages of History - History of Intra Ocular Lens (2930)
Shankar C

Case Reports - Prosthodontic Correction of Midline Diastema (2928)
Sridharan R, Saritha M K

Case Report - Pemphigus Vulgaris following ART pregnancy (2927)
Gayathri Devi S S, Meenakshi M, Radha Pandiyan

Case Report - Soft Tissue Laser in the Treatment of Granuloma Gravidarum (2925)
Aniz, Dhivakar, Saravanan, Vishnu Prasad

Case Reports - Dental Implants with Simultaneous Guided Bone Regeneration (2924)
Anitha V, Shivakumar V, Shanmugam M, Saravanakumar R

Class Room - Nanomedicine: Promising Tools in Biomedical Sciences (2924)
Agnishwar Girigoswami

Author Index (2922)
Author Index

Review Article - Management of Sepsis and Septic Shock (2921)
Anil Kumar Malik, Mrinal K Mondal, Dalim Kumar Baidya

Editorial (2921)
Vasantha N Subbiah, Vijayalakshmi K

Review Article - Inflammation in Acute Coronary Syndrome (2921)
M Chokkalingam

Instruction to Authors (2920)
Instruction to Authors

Perspective Article - Sperm Associated Oocyte Activating Factor (2920)
Shiva Krishna G

Original Article - Predictors of Adverse Outcome in Asphyxiated and Ventilated Late Preterm and Term Newborns (2919)
Rema Chandramohan, Saradha Suresh, Srinivasan K

Case Report - Aesthetic Replacement of Missing Tooth Using Fiber Splint (2919)
M Shanmugam, V Shivakumar, R Saravana Kumar

Case Report - An Ovarian Juvenile Granulosa Cell Tumor in Adult (2918)
Renuka S, Famida A.M, Vijayalakshmi K, Sailatha R, Sathiya S

Case Report - Management of Intraoperative Myocardial Ischemia (2918)
Deepak Kumaar N, Arunkumar A, Lailu Mathews

Review Article -Mitral Stenosis and Pregnancy - Perioperative Considerations (2917)
Lailu Mathews

Review Articles - Paediatric Diabetes (2916)
Shriraam Mahadevan, Bharath R

Commentary - An Objective View of Problems in Rural Healthcare Infrastructure in India (2916)
Syed Meraj Ahmed

Original Article - Association Between Body Mass Index & Asthma Control Among Adult Asthmatics Population in South India: Cross Sectional Observational Study (2916)
Suresh S, Aruna Shanmuganathan, Meenakshi N, Subramanian S, Nisha Ganga, Senthilvel Vasudevan

Case Report - Anesthetic Management of Posterior Reversible Encephalopathy Syndrome in a Patient with Eclampsia (2915)
Boban V, Balamurugan B, Lailu Mathews

Perspective Article - Whither Varicocelectomy? (2915)
N Pandiyan

Case Report - Hip replacement in Neglected Acetabular Fractures (2915)
Dr A K Venkatachalam

Invited Article - Antioxidants in Health and Disease: Review of Clinical Trials (2914)
Namrata Sanjeevi

Case Report - A Case of Central Giant Cell Granuloma Involving the Maxillary Sinus Clinically Masquerading as a Malignant Neoplasm (2914)
Ramesh V, Sriram K, Arunprasad G

Case Report - Asymptomatic Large Placental Chorioangioma In A Primigravida (2913)
Binupattayail, Swarnapriya, Vasantha N Subbiah

Original Article - Portal Vein Diameter as a Single Parameter in Diagnosing Esophageal Varices – A Tertiary Care Hospital Experience (2912)
Alexander Paul, Babu kumar S, Yogesh Garg, Sandeep Jindal

Instructions to Authors- (2912)
Instructions to Authors

Original Article - Does the endometrial thickness really matter in Assisted Reproductive Technology Cycles? - A Retrospective Analysis (2912)
Gayathri Devi SS, Pandiyan N, Radha Pandiyan

Neuro Special Articles - Cerebral Aneurysms (2912)
Roopesh Kumar

Case Report - Surgery for Far Lateral Disc Prolapse (2911)
Krishna Kumar M, Karthikeyan K V, Ramesh V G

From the Pages of History - Hippocrates and his Oath (2911)
Ramesh Rao

Review Articles - Diabetes in Pregnancy (2910)
Anjali Sathya

From the Pages of History - Standing on the shoulders of Denton Cooley (2910)
Dr.Sanjay Theodore

Review Article - Care of the Mechanically Ventilated Patient (2910)
Amarnath Moni

Case Report - Pulmonary Embolism Following Induction of Anesthesia (2909)
Pavish N B, Anand S, Mohanarangam, Lailu Mathews

Original Article- Prognostic Value of Different Sperm Parameters on the Success of Intrauterine Insemination (2908)
Prathima T, Pandiyan N, Ramesh Raja D, Krithika Devi, Gayathri Devi S S, Gayatri Ganesan, Radha Pandiyan

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Mujoo S, Sakarde S B, Sur J, Singh A, Khan F, Jain S, Deeplaxmi R

Original Articles - Pregnancy Complications - Consequence of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome or Body Mass Index? (2906)
Puvithra T, Radha Pandiyan, Pandiyan N

Original Article - Oxidative Stress a Link to Periodontal Disease and Oral Cancer (2906)
Shankarram V, Joysonmoses, Lakshmi Narayanan, Tamil Selvan

Case Report - A Rare Case of Spontaneous Supraglottic Hematoma Presenting with Stridor (2906)
Preethi P, Arumugam C, JothiRamalingam S B, Thirunavukarasu P, Priya K, Jagadeesh Marthandam L

Original Article - Survey of Awareness about Glaucoma Among Medical Doctors of a Medical College & Tertiary Care Hospital in South India (2905)
Premnath G, Manoj Vasudevan, Pandurangan R, Swathi

Original Articles - Transoral Approach To Cv Junction-Odontoidectomy- Case Series (2905)
Semmanaselvan K, Muthukumar R, Sindhu Kalyanaraman

Class Room - The Acute Abdomen (2905)
R Ganesan, S Ramanujam

Case Report - Synchronous Bilateral Non-Seminomatous Mixed Germ Cell Tumours of Testis (2905)
Chidambharam Choccalingam, Premila Samuel, Pari MR

Original Article - Does Combined Antegrade and Retrograde Cardioplegia offer better Myocardial Protection in Patients Undergoing Valve Surgery? (2904)
Lakshmipathi T, Bhagavathy B, Greeshma George, Siva Kumar R, Sanjay Theodore, Ponnuswamy TM

Commentary - Evolution of Surgical Coronary Revascularization (2904)
Sanjeeth Peter

Original Article - Minimally Invasive Aortic Valve Replacement Does not Reduce the Incidence of Postoperative Atrial Fibrillation (2904)
Andrew Cheng, Hansraj Riteesh Bookum, David Lee, Shivanand Gangahanumaiah, Jitendra Kumar, Jazmine Echaus, Cheng-Hon Yap, Xiao Bo Zhang

Case Report - A Rare Presentation of Parapharyngeal Space Tumours:Pleomorphic Adenoma (2904)
K Priya, P Thirunavukarasu, S B Jothi Ramalingam, L Jagadeesh Marthandam, P Preethi, S Prabakaran, S Sivakami, R B Namasivaya Navin

Case Report - Unilateral Blaschkoid Lichen Planus - A Rare Presentation of a Common Dermatological Entity (2904)
Preethi K, Riswana Jasmine M, Meenakshi Mohanram M, Srinivasan M S

Invited Article - Epigenetics - A Paradigm shift in Cancer Management (2903)
Kurinji Pandiyan

Review Article - Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia (2903)
Durga Krishnan, Noorul Ameen S, Aravind CS, Balaji R

Case Report - Solitary Giant Neurocysticercosis in a Child with Combined Immunodeficiency (2903)
Karthikeyan K V, Ramesh V G

Case Report - Giant Cell Tumor of Distal Fibula: 7.5 Years Follow - Up After Enbloc Resection and Reconstruction (2902)
Balaji G

Author Index (2902)
Author Index

Original Article - Follow up of ART Babies (2901)
Mani Malar, Kanchana Devi, Radha Pandiyan, Pandiyan N

Original Article - Prediction of Intra Operative Tumor Consistency and Histopathological Subtype with Preoperative MRI Imaging in Intracranial Menigiomas – A Prospective Analysis (2901)
Karthikeyan KV, Krishnakumar M, Ramesh VG, Siddarth Gautam, Jayendrapalan

From the Pages of History : Great Discoveries – Rabies Vaccination (2901)
Pitchappan R M

Case Report - Epidural Catheter Misplacement (2900)
Sundar Anand, Swathi, Amarnath Moni, Lailu Matthews

Case Report - Uterine Papillary Serous Carcinoma (2900)
Sathiya S, Famida A M, Vijayalakshmi K, Sailatha R, Renuka S

Perspective Article - Bayesian Medicine: An Approach to Systematic Diagnosis (2900)
Ashok Palaniappan

Subject Index (2900)
Subject Index

Case Report - A Case of Venous Air Embolism During Paediatric Craniotomy in Sitting Position (2899)
Mohanarangam T, Gopalakrishnan Raman, Ramesh V G, Karthikeyan K V

Case Report - Wide Resection and Reconstruction with Nonvascular Fibular Autograft in the Treatment of Giant Cell Tumour (GCT) Distal end of Radius (2899)
Vijay Sharath Chandhar S, Chander S G , Victor Moirangthem, Narayana Reddy M

Review Article - Think Thyroid - Think Life: Pregnancy with Thyroid Disorders (2899)
Muthukumaran Jayapaul

Review Articles - Non-Secretory Multiple Myeloma- An Unusual Presentation with Review of Literature (2899)
Sushma Nayar, Vigneshwaran J, Ram Charan Reddy D, Rajasekaran D, Vijayashree R, Ramesh K Rao

Subject Index (2898)
Subject Index

Review Article - Relationship Between Osteoporosis and Periodontitis (2897)
V Shivakumar, G Sudhir, S Pavithra Priyadarshini, M Shanmugam

Case Report - Sunitinib in the Treatment of Follicular Dendritic Cell Sarcoma (2896)
Neeraja S, Sachin P, Ashish S, Raju TC

Case Report - A Rare Case of Gastric Volvulus with Wandering Spleen (2896)
N Sivarajan, U Sandeep, R Karunanidhi

Original Article Factors Predicting Chest Tube Insertion for the Management of Pneumothorax Post Transthoracic Needle-Guided Biopsy of Lung Lesions (2896)
Cassandra Hidajat, Duncan Loi, Hansraj Bookun

Case Report - Functional Outcome Following Fixation of Intra-Articular Elbow Fracture (2895)
Anush Rao P, Thirumal R, Chander SG, Narayana Reddy M

Case Report - Odontogenic Keratocyst - An Interesting Case Presentation (2895)
Mahathi N, Rajesh P, Deepak.V, Manimaran S

Class Room - Management of Acute Ischemic stroke (2894)
Subramanian K

Review Article - Bisphosphonate - Associated / Related Osteonecrosis of the Jaw (Bronj)- Current Diagnosis, Pathogenesis and Treatment (2894)
Mayank Kumar Parakh, Abinaya Chari, Sathish Muthu Kumar, Aesha Imran

Case Report - Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation for Multi-drug Intoxication (2894)
Jesima Y, Lakshmipathi T, Theodore S, SivaKumar R

Perspective Article - Evolutionary Medicine: Seeking a Fuller Understanding of Disease (2893)
Ashok Palaniappan

Dialogue with the Stalwart Interview with Prof. C. K. Dhanashekaran (2893)
Prof C K Dhanashekaran

Case Report - Clinicopathologic Case Report - A Case of Retrosternal Goitre (2893)
Sushma Nayar, Sivasailam R, Anandharama Krishnan R, Arumugam C, Sudha S, Sanjay Theodore

Commentary - Definition of Oligozoospermia- A Commentary (2893)
T Prathima, N Pandiyan

Case Report - Pre Macular Subhyaloid Haemmorrhage- A Prospective Clinical Study (2892)
Siddharam Janti, K Stephen Sudhakar, Charanya, Shankar C, Ananya Aila

Review Article - Pancytopenia - A Physician’s Perspective (2892)
Mayilananthi K, Sarah P, Ramprasath A

Review Article - Current Trends in Dental Management of Patients with Chronic Renal Disease (2892)
M Alagappan

Original Article - Risk Factors for Coronary Artery Disease in a Semi-urban area of Tamil Nadu (2892)
Sushma Nayar, Chokkalingam M, Murli M Reddy, Bageerathi Bagavathi, Siva Prashanth

Original Article - Surgical Review of Exploratory Tympanotomy - Facts & Figures (2892)
Sanjeev Mohanty, Shameena Shinaz, P Vijayaprabhu, Tanuja Panigrahi

Review Articles - Management of Hyperglycaemia in the Hospital Setting (2891)
Ravikiran M, Shrishti S

Case Report - Management of Lingual Thyroid by Suprahyoid Approach (2891)
Ramanujam S, Karunanithi R, Ganesan R, Loganathan M

Original Article - Perception regarding Oral Health & Disease Among Medical Practitioners of Durg, Chhattisgarh – A Cross Sectional Study (2891)
Abhinav Parakh, Ashok Kumar Mohapatra, Yunus GY, Rohit Agrawal, Ram Tiwari, Anubhuti Jain

Case Report - Synchronous Presentation of Sporadic Angiomyolipoma and Renal Cell Carcinoma in Contra lateral Kidneys in Patient with no Evidence of Tuberous Sclerosis (2891)
Femila Padmavathy M, Rajesh Nachiappa Ganesh, Bhawana Ashok Badhe, Arshad Jamal

Review Article - Immune Mediated Male Infertility (2891)
Shah Dupesh Khan, N Pandiyan

Original Article - Are Immotile Spermatozoa, Immotile or are they Immotile but Resting Spermatozoa? – A Prospective Study (2891)
Ramesh Raja D, Pandiyan N

Review Article - Iron Deficiency Anemia- Overview (2891)
Udayashankar D, Sarah P, Indrani N, Nagajothi

Review Article - Lifestyle and Environmental Factors Influencing Male Fertility (2890)
Siddharth C, Ramesh Raja D, Prathima T

Case Report - Gigantic Oral Pyogenic Granuloma of the Oral cavity (2890)
Gayathri N Goudar, Manjunath GA, Subramanya G, Lakshmi Devi

Neuro Special Articles - Microsurgical Aneurysmal Clipping – Our experience (2890)
Karthikeyan K.V

Original Article - Profile of Medicolegal Cases Brought for Autopsy to MMC (2890)
Ramalingam S, Narendar R

Review Articles - Surgical Management of Sleep Apnoea (2889)
Rajesh P

From the Pages of History- Deliverance of one Genius by Another (2889)
Ramesh Raja D, Prathima T

Review Article - Health Risks of Obesity (2889)
Abha Pandit, Abhay Kumar Pandey

Case Report - Acute Temporary Hearing Loss Following Lumbar Subarachnoid Blockade (2889)
Noor FS, Lailu M, Anand S, Arun K, Preethi P

Original Article - Prevalence of GTT Abnormalities in South Indian Sub-fertile PCOS Women (2889)
Kanchana Devi B, Arputha Mary N, Radha Pandiyan, Pandiyan N

Review Articles - Cardiovascular Disease In Diabetes – Prevention & Management (2888)
Chokkalingam M

Case Report - Peripheral Gaint Cell Granuloma (2888)
Karthik Krishna Munagala , Gopinath V, Lumbini M

Case Report - Unusual Presentation of Gastric Neuroendocrine Tumour (2888)
Yogesh G, Anantharamakrishnan R , Babu Kumar S, Chidambharam C

Case Report - Bisphosphonate Induced Recurrent Anterior Uveitis (2887)
Stephen Sudhakar K, Manoj Vasudevan, Vigneshwaran, Ananya A

Perspective Article - Mesh In Prolapse Surgery – Is It A Mess? (2887)
Tamilselvi A

Review Articles - Overlap Syndrome – the Coexistence of Sleep Disordered Breathing (SDB) and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) (2887)
Subramanian S, Dr Apar Jindal

Review Articles - Obstructive Sleep Apnoea in Children (2887)
Srinivasan K, Jaishree Vasudevan

Case Report - Ushers Syndrome (2887)
Siddharam Janti, Shankar, Charanya C, Achanti Swathi, Pandurangan R

Case Report - A Rare Case of Herpes Simplex Virus Type 2 Induced Acute Retinal Necrosis (2886)
Stephen Sudhakar K, Charanya C, Ananya A

Case Report - Giant Dumb Bell Trigeminal Schwannoma (2886)
K V Karthikeyan, V G Ramesh

Original Article - Correlation of Sodium and Potassium Levels in the Serum of Patients with Senile Cataract and Age Matched Individuals without Cataract (2886)
Tanvi R , Ugam U

Case Report - Isolated Fourth Nerve Palsy Due to Midbrain Stroke (2886)
Subramaniyan K, Divya M

Case Report - Equipment Failure in Varicose Vein Surgery Leading to Retained Foreign Body (2886)
Hansraj Riteesh Bookun, Andrew Cheng, David North

Case Report - The Missing Link - Its Medico - Legal Aspect of Communication (2886)
S Janani

Editorial- (2885)
N Pandiyan

Class Room - Surgeries for End Stage Heart Failure (2885)
Praveen Kerala Varma, Neetu Krishna

Case Reports - Neonatal Cholera (2885)
Nathan R, Dr Suresh P, Antony J, Venkateswaran P, Thayumanavan S

Commentary - Etiology of Endometriosis – Simplified (2885)
Surya P, Pandiyan N

Class Room - Surgeries for End Stage Heart Failure (2885)
Praveen Kerala Varma, Neetu Krishna

Case Reports - Neonatal Cholera (2885)
Nathan R, Dr Suresh P, Antony J, Venkateswaran P, Thayumanavan S

Review Articles - Antimicrobial Resistance – an Overview (2885)
Jeya M

Current Treatment of Trigeminal Neuralgia (2884)
Ramesh VG

Poster Presentation (2884)
Poster Presentation

Case Report - Unusual Ocular Manifestations In a Patient with Alport’s Syndrome (2883)
Durga Krishnan, Pavithra T, Thuvaragah P, Rajasekaran D

Case Report - Transphyseal Fracture of Distal Humerus in Children (2883)
Sasidharan MDS, Balachandar M, Balaji Govindarajan A

Case Report - A Rare Presentation of Chronic Myeloid Leukemia (2883)
Mayilananthi K, Vishwanath C Naragond, Durga Krishnan, Rajasekaran D R

Review Articles - Non Microbial Drug Resistance (2882)
Ruckmani A, Arun Kumar R, Vinayak Meti

Original Article - Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease (2882)
Anitha Elango, Rathinasamy, Umadevi, Jaishree, Suresh, Shilpa Jha

Original Article - Buprenorphine as an Adjuvant to Bupivacaine in Supraclavicular Brachial Plexus Block (2882)
Abbey Mathew, Balamurugan B, Gowthaman R

Class Room - Pain In The Chain (Eagle’s Syndrome) (2882)
Christeffi Mabel, Aishwarya

Case Report - Advantage of Ultrasonogram in Perioperative Detection of Pneumothorax (2882)
Ashok S, Anand S ,Balamurugan B, Lailu Mathews

Perspective Article - Personalized Medicinen (2882)
Pitchappan R M

Case Report - Ropivacaine Induced Seizures (2881)
Sudharshan Balaji S G, Vijaya Raghavan, Lailu Mathews, Thilaka Muthiah

Review Article - Short Implants – A Literature Review (2881)
Sudhanshu Shekhar, Veronika Dogra, Sanjeev Mittal

Case Report - Ocular Thelaziasis in a 4 Months old Girl Child (2881)
M Rathinasamy, S Subhadevi

Case Report - An Interesting Case of Hemorrhagic Stroke with Absent Pulses (2881)
Ramcharan Reddy, Vigneshwaran J, Subramaniyan, Rajasekaran D

Class Room - Newer Options in Management of Fibroid Uterus (2881)
Nalini A P, Kavitha Karthikeyan

Case Report - Variant of Pierre Robin Sequence Requiring Prolonged Tracheostomy (2881)
R Ganavi, M Rathinasamy, K Srinivasan, S B Jothiramalingam, S Thayumanavan

Case Report - Spontaneous Recanalization of an Occluded Internal Carotid Artery (2880)
Alexandra Matthews, Hansraj Riteesh Bookun, Andrew Cheng, Emily Stevens

Review Articles - Obstructive Sleep Apnoea in Adults - The ENT Perspective (2880)
S B Jothiramalingam, S K Jha, P Thirunavukarasu, L Jagadeesh Marthandam

From the Pages of History - Medical Fashion – A Brief Look at its Evolution (2880)
Ramesh Rao

Case Report - The Twin Balloon of Hope” - Successful Management of Tight Mitral Stenosis With Balloon Mitral Valvuloplasty In An Antenatal Woman (2880)
M. Sindhura, Famida A M, Vijayalakshmi. K, Pradeep Nayar

Perspective Article - Glaucoma screening (2880)
Premnath G

Pages Of history - Prof. B. Ramamurthi (1922-2003), The Pioneer Neurosurgeon (2879)
Ramesh V G

Review Article - Dental Stem Cells (2879)
Daya Srinivasan, Joe Louis

Editorial (2878)
Stephen Sudhakar K

Case Report - Acquired Hemophilia with Hypopituitarism (2878)
Kavya Anbuselvan, Sangeetha A, Lakshmidevi U, Rajasekaran D

Case Report - Tenosynovitis as a Primary Manifestation of Rheumatoid Arthritis (2878)
Balaji Govindarajan, Korpu Venkata Ram Kishore, Victor Moiranthem

Review Articles - Obstructive Sleep Apnoea and Cardiovascular Disease (2878)
Ganesh N

Case Reports - A Rare Combination of Aggressive Periodontitis with Multiple Impacted Supernumerary Teeth (2877)
Shanmugam M, Anitha V,Shivakumar V, Dr Meena Priya B

Case Report - Clinical Role of Beta-Thalassemia Trait in Pathological Conditions: Report of Two Cases (2877)
Chidambharam Choccalingam, Teena Eugene, Vigneshwaran

Case Report - Anaesthetic Management of a Pregnant Patient with Sub Dural Halmatoma, Cegarean Section and Evacuation of SDM (2877)
Karthik P, Anand Subramaniam, Lailu Mathews, Gopalakrishnan Raman

Original Article - The Frequency of Medically Compromised Patients Visiting Dental College : A Retrospective Study (2876)
V Anitha, V Shivakumar, M Shanmugam, B Meenapriya, Amritha, G Priyadarshini

Subject Index (2876)
Subject Index

From the Pages of History- Edward Jenner - The Father of Vaccination (2876)
Pitchappan R M

Author Index (2876)
Author Index

Dialogue with the Stalwart Interview with Dr. V Shanta (2876)
Thilaka Muthiah

Plasma Cell Disorders (2876)
Review Article - Lanord Stanley Jawahar M, Ananthkumar PK, Anitha A

Subject Index (2876)
Subject Index

Perspective Article - To do or Not to do! (2876)
Raj Kumar V J

Subject Index (2876)
Subject Index

Class Room - Radiofrequency Ablation of Cardiac Arrhythmias (2876)
Jaishankar K

Subject Index (2876)
Subject Index

Case Report - Malignant Mixed Mullerian Tumor of the Uterus (2875)
Rijaphin. R, Kavitha D, Anoop Sreevalsan, Vasantha N Subbiah A

From the Pages of History - About Chiari, Arnold & The Malformations (2875)
Ramesh VG

From the Pages of History - Ignaz Philipp Semmelweis (2875)
Dr Ramesh Rao

Subject Index (2875)
Subject Index

Thank You Reviewers (2875)
Thank You Reviewers

Dialogue with the Stalwart - Interview with Dr.B.N.Chakravarty (2875)
Prathima T, Ramesh Raja D

Commentary - Treadmill testing – Where does it stand today? (2875)
Ganesh N

Case Report - A Case of Acute-on-Chronic Mesenteric Vascular Occlusion (2875)
Ahmad KA, Thuvaragah P, Rajasekaran D

Case Report - Aortic Dissection in a Young Male Body builder Requiring Complex Repair (2875)
Emily Stevens, Hansraj Riteesh Bookun, Alexandra Matthews, Chin Siew Lee, Andrew Cheng,Mayur Krishnaswamy

Editorial (2874)
Lailu Mathews

Editorial- (2874)
N Pandiyan

Original Article - The Prognosis In Ischemic Stroke Using Nihss (2874)
Rahul N, Subramaniyan K, Sunjay P,Devaprasad M, Natarajan V

Review Article - Acquired Hemoglobin Disorders (2874)
Vigneshwaran J, Thuvaragah P, Gorgya Sampathkumar

Case Report - A case of Hyperthermia Induced Acute Haemolysis in a Preterm (2874)
Srinivasan Kitchanan, Kavipriya Komeswaran

Original Article - Profile of Low Responders in Assisted Reproductive Technology - A Retrospective Study (2874)
Krithika Devi, Radha Pandiyan, Pandiyan N

Editorial- (2874)
N Pandiyan

Nobel Prize in Medicine 2012- (2873)
Ramesh Rao K

Editorial (2873)
Rajasekaran D

Interview with the Stalwart Interview with – Prof. Sir Sabaratnam Arulkumaran (2873)
Vasantha N Subbiah, Vijayalakshmi K

Editorial (2873)
Ramesh VG

Editorial (2873)
Anitha V

Sanjay Theodore (2873)
Sanjay Theodore

Class Room - Editorial Note (2872)
Sanjay Theodore, Pandiyan N

Original Article - Students Perception About the Educational Environment (2872)
Prabhu S, Sai Swetha, Sudha Priya

From the Pages of History - Medical Emblem - A Tale of Two Symbols (2872)
K Ramesh Rao

Editorial (2872)
N Pandiyan

Instruction to Authors (2871)
Instruction to Authors

From the Pages of History -Heritage Museum at IOG (Gifford Museum) (2871)
Famida AM

Case Report - Axillary Nerve Schwannoma - A Rare Occurance (2871)
Karthikeyan KV, Manimaran R

Author Index (2870)
Author Index

From the Pages of History (2870)
Sree Kumar

Editorial (2870)
Thirunavukarasu P

Oral Paper Presentation (2870)
Oral Paper Presentation

Editorial (2870)
N Pandiyan

Neuro Special Articles - Management of Aneurysmal Subarachnoid Hemorrhage: A Brief Outline of The Present Guidelines (2870)
Ramesh V G

Class Room - How to Write a Paper (2870)
Sudha Sundar

Neuro Special Articles - Giant Cerebral Arterio-Venous Malformation Excision (2870)
Krishna Kumar M

Class Room - How to read a Clinical Journal – An insight (2870)
Murali R, Anisha Mohan P

Subject Index (2870)
Subject Index

Case Report - Oral Solitary Neurofibroma with Ossification (2870)
Sriram K, Vijayparthiban S, Sathishmuthukumar R, Semmia M

Case Series - Congenital Absence of Suprarenal Inferior Vena Cava (2870)
Hansraj Riteesh Bookun, Chin Siew Lee, David North

Review Article - Vestibular Schwannomas (2870)
Ramesh VG, Krishna Kumar M, Karthikeyan KV

Peace of Mind - Chronic Non Specific Pain - An Old Father's Letter to His Young Daughter with Non Specific Chronic Pain (2870)
Pandiyan N

Editorial (2869)
N Pandiyan

Case Report - An Interesting Case of Hereditary Haemorrhagic Telangiectasia with Chronic Parenchymal Liver Disease (2869)
Noorul Ameen S, Samhitha Reddy A, Sakuntala S R , Rajasekaran D

Nobel Prize in Physiology / Medicine - 2013 (2869)
Arun Kumar G

Editorial (2869)
Kanchana Devi B

Editorial (2868)
Ramesh V G

News & Views - The Promise of Vaccinology (2868)
Ashok Palaniappan

Author Index (2867)
Author Index

Case Report - A Rare Case of Acquired Gerbode Defect (2867)
Agalya S, Sudha S, Sanjay Theodore, Ponnusamy TM, Pradeep Nayar, Prabhu M

Editorial (2867)
Sanjay Theodore

Editorial (2867)
V G Ramesh

Case Report - A Rare case of LA Membrane (2867)
Chokkalingam M, Aravind Yuvaraj, Pradeep G Nayar

Editorial (2866)
N Pandiyan

Case Report - An Interesting Case of Thyroid Storm (2866)
Sarah Subhashini, Vishwanath C Naragond, Sampath Kumar, Rajasekaran D

Editorial (2866)
N Pandiyan

Case Report - An Innovative Combined Three Dimensional Augmentation of Alveolar Ridge Using Titanium Mesh, PRF and Autogenous Bone Graft with Implant Placement (2865)
Vinayak S Gowda, B Meena Priya

Editorial (2865)
V. G. Ramesh

From the Pages of History - ABOUT THE BABINSKI SIGN (2864)
V G Ramesh

Thank You Reviewers (2864)
Thank You Reviewers

Editorial (2863)
N Pandiyan

Case Series with Review of Literature - Our Experiences of Swine Flu Cases in Office Practice in Jan-Feb: 2015 (2863)
Rathinasamy M, Srinivasan K, Umadevi L

Original Article - Subgaleal Drain for Chronic Subdural Hematoma (2863)
Karthikeyan KV, Siddarth G, Ramesh VG, Jayendapalan

Case Report - Unilateral Ocular Myasthenia Gravis (2863)
Siddharam Janti, Shankar C, Ananya Aila, Stephen Sudhakar K

Case Report - A Rare case of Adrenoleukodystrophy (2862)
NoorulAmeen S, Praveen Immanuel S, Vigneshwaran J, Rajasekaran D

Review Article - Otitis Media and Middle Ear Effusion - An Overview (2860)
Deepti Pandey

Challenge Article - Clinical Image Challenge (2851)
Sarah S P, Swathikaa P, Rajasekaran D

Perspective Article - Is Reproduction a Fundamental Right? A Clinical, Ethical and Personal Perspective (120)
Pandiyan N, Puvithra T

Original Article - Influence of Different Buffers on Embryo Growth in In-vitro fertilization (116)
Rajalakshmi C, Asha B, Ranjani S, Ramesh RD

Case Report - Bilateral Hip Fractures in a HIV patient with Anti-Retroviral Therapy - Induced Fanconi Syndrome (110)
Balaji G

Original Article - A Study on Management of Mucormycosis - Comparative Study Between Multiple Staged Surgical Procedures and Single Surgical Procedure in a Tertiary Care Centre (90)
Sankaranarayanan G, Chandramouli MP, Raghavi VP

Author Index (82)
Author Index

Case Report - Anaesthetic Management of a Child with Pituitary Stalk Interruption Syndrome for Dental Surgery (80)
Chandraleela S, Balamurugan B, Lailu M

Thank You Reviewers! (79)
Thank You Reviewers!

Subject Index (75)
Subject Index

Original Article - Psychosocial Impact of Dental Aesthetics – A Survey Among Young Female College Students in Chennai City (74)
Prabhu S, Ashwin N, Supraja K, Jeevitha P

Editorial (71)
T Puvithra

Nobel Prize in Physiology/Medicine- 2017 (70)
Charanya T

From the pages of History - Indian women doctors in the 19th century (69)
Kalaivani R

CHETMEDICON 2018 - Abstracts Poster Presentation (54)
CHETMEDICON 2018 - Abstracts Poster Presentation

Review Article -Urinalysis – A Simple Diagnostic Tool in Kidney Disease (51)
Vrinda V, Vigneshwaran J, RamPrasath A

Review Article - Medical Nutrition Therapy in Chronic Kidney Disease (50)
Nirmala Devi C, Mayilanandi K, Prakash S

CHETMEDICON 2018 - Abstracts Oral Paper Presentation (49)
CHETMEDICON 2018 - Abstracts Oral Paper Presentation

Review Article - Biomarkers of Acute Kidney Injury (48)
Ananthakumar PK, Sabarathnavel R, Srinivasan T V

Seminar Article - Ig A Nephropathy (47)
Noorul Ameen, Uthra K, Nagajothi M

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