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Obstructive Sleep Apnoea: Prevalence, Consequences, Pathophysiology and Treatment [4086 views]
August 21st 2019 | Kelly Shepherd & Peter Eastwood

Original Article
Normal and Abnormal Oocytes Observed During Assist [3809 views]
August 22nd 2019 | P Savitha, D Ramesh Raja, Radha Pandiyan

Original Article
Assessment of Speech and Language Delay using Language Evaluation Scale Trivandrum(LEST 0 [3808 views]
August 22nd 2019 | Ganavi R, Anitha E, Uma Devi L

Case Report
McInnes solution [3492 views]
August 22nd 2019 | Sadasiva Kadandale, Sriram K, Vijikarthikai Balan I

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Welcome to the Chettinad Health City Medical Journal. You may wonder why we need another Medical Journal when we have a plethora of Medical Journals.

The Core Committee also dwelt on this point and felt there is indeed scope for another Medical Journal particularly to address the explosion of Medical Knowledge and Medical Technology in different fields of medicine.

Chettinad Health City Medical Journal will be a peer reviewed journal. The journal will have different sections addressing the medical students in their final years, the General practitioners & Specialists early in the career.. read more

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